The Perfect Day
Season 3, Episode 13
The Perfect Day
Air date January 31, 2005
Written by David Hudgins
Directed by Sandy Smolan
Episode Guide
Giving Up the Girl
Since You've Been Gone

The Perfect Day refers to the thirteenth episode of the third season of the drama series Everwood which was broadcast originally from The WB on January 31, 2005.

Summary Edit

Andy must face the repercussions of his affair with Amanda when Nina accidentally discovers them together and questions Andy's character. Meanwhile, Ephram and Amy convince a reluctant Hannah to ditch school for the day and take Bright along for the ride. Harold and Edna are forced to push their hostile feelings for one another aside when a medical emergency leaves them with no other choice.

Cast and Characters Edit

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Cameo Edit

  • Andrea Andes as Jillian

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