The Great Doctor Brown
Season 1, Episode 2
102Great Doctor Brown
Air date September 23, 2002
Written by Greg Berlanti
Directed by Kathy Bates
Episode Guide
Friendly Fire

The Great Doctor Brown refers to the second episode of the first season of the Everwood which was first broadcast on September 23, 2002.

Summary Edit

Andy and Ephram's fragile relationship is further strained when it appears that Andy is once again putting work before family.

Meanwhile, as the town of Everwood celebrates its annual Fall Thaw Festival, Ephram's interest in Amy continues to blossom and Delia gets into trouble at school for questioning her teacher's antiquated rules.

Cast and Characters Edit

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Guest Edit

Recurring Edit

Cameo Edit

  • Keone Young as Gino
  • Victoria Mallory as Mrs. Dudley

Trivia Edit

  • Bright is deathly afraid of heights.
  • Ephram is given a nickname by Amy: "Ham", which stands for Hamlet (who Amy thinks Ephram looks like). Amy lets him know that her nickname is "Grover" because he was her favourite blue muppet on Sesame Street.
  • Dr. Brown's BMW X5 has changed from the one in the original pilot likely due to increased budget once the show was picked up. Changes include: larger wheels, black window trim instead of chrome, no orange tail light markers, squared exhaust tips, & black leather interior; in general his original X5 was a standard model and older, the replacement likely being a brand new 2002 sport model.

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