The Doctor Is In
Season 1, Episode 6
The Doctor Is In
Air date October 21, 2002
Written by Vanessa Taylor
Directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal
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Deer God
We Hold These Truths

The Doctor Is In refers to the sixth episode of the first season of the drama series Everwood which was broadcast originally from The WB on October 21, 2002.

Summary Edit

Amy is heartbroken and Ephram is furious when Andy decides against performing a risky operation on Amy's comatose boyfriend. Meanwhile, Delia is forbidden from playing with her only friend, Magilla, after his parents discover them playing dress up; and a traveling psychologist, Dr. Trott, creates quite a stir in the Everwood community.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

Recurring Edit

Cameo Edit

  • Jane Krakowski as Dr. Gretchen Trott
  • Jan Broberg as Louise (as Jan Felt)
  • Michael Flynn as James Hart
  • Bret Loehr as Magilla

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Sharon Hart played by Nancy Everhard who is also the wife of leading cast member Tom Amandes.

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