Moonlight Sonata
Season 1, Episode 20
Moonlight Sonata
Air date April 28, 2003
Written by Wendy Mericle
Patrick Sean Smith
Directed by Michael Schultz
Episode Guide
The Miracle of Everwood
Episode 20

Moonlight Sonata refers to the twentieth episode of the first season of the drama series Everwood which was broadcast originally from The WB on April 28, 2003.

Summary Edit

A nervous Ephram feels the pressure of performing his first piano recital in Everwood; Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott attempt to diagnose a man with a mysterious sleeping disorder that leaves welts on his body; and Amy pretends to want to spend time with her grandmother, Edna, in order to secretly see Colin while she's grounded.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Kate Mara as Kate Morris
  • Ian Vogt as Matthew Lansing
  • Adam Clinton as Dwayne
  • Dan Merket as Chuck Dodd
  • Kim Landry as Betsy Dodd
  • Reb Fleming as The Camper

Trivia Edit

  • Kate Mara (Kate Morris) would later go on to play Susan Storm in 2015's The Fantastic Four. Chris Pratt would go on to play Peter Quill in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy and Emily VanCamp would later go on to play Kate/Agent 15 Captain America: The Winter Soldier also released in 2014.

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